Denis Turanović
UX/UI Designer

About Denis Turanovic an UX/UI designer

Digital designer focusing on thoughtful and creative problem solving.

I'm Denis and currently I’m working full time as an UX/UI designer at CreITive but I’m also a founder of Kira Handmade, a brand which promotes high quality knitting accessories that my mom makes for fun.

Lately I’ve been mainly focusing on helping SaaS companies transforming their digital presence by handling the design of their complex user interfaces. I also enjoy creating conceptual projects where I try to experiment and give simple solutions to problems I find annoying.

  • Every now and then, I post some artsy photos on Instagram

  • Collect stuff I find inspirational on Savee

  • Post sneak peeks of my passion projects on Dribbbble

  • You can get in touch with me via contact form down below, or reach out on Linkedin.

Anyways, if you’re in need of design feedback or advice of some sort, especially if you are starting out in the industry, feel free to let me know, because I’ll be glad to help you out.



  • Lemlist

  • Visa

  • Standard Bots

    + more than 20 clients, organisations, start-ups



  • Responsive UI Design

  • Prototyping and UI Animations

  • Design Systems

    + Logo Design and Branding



  • UX/UI Designer @Creitive, Belgrade Serbia

    2016 - …

  • Graphic Designer @El Ninho Freelancers, Belgrade Serbia


  • Design Coordinator @ BEST Belgrade, Serbia



  • Master’s - Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade

  • Bachelor’s - Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade

  • XIII Belgrade Gymnasium



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